I handle Immigration Bureau duties mainly, When I meet a client once again, I want to meet with a smile
I think that I want you to be the office where thanks are exchanged。I want to make a client happy through our duties, I handle duties quickly.

Profile of SAIKA, AKIRA

I was born in 1962, Aries, (blood) type A

Sennan-city, Osaka (Kansai International Airport)→Nagashima-cho,Mie(Nagashima Spa Land)→Kasugai-city(The best cactus in Japan)→Komaki-city(Nagoya Airfield)→Takamatsu-city,Kagawa(Udon Prefecture)→Sakai-city, Osaka(Mausoleum of Emperor Nintoku)→Nagoya-city(Moriyama-ku→Chigusa-ku→Higashi-ku)
The situation continues up to today.

I started this office after Daiwa House Industry (It is less than 10,000 at the time when I entered company).


  • Nagoya immigration bureau report finished administrative scrivener
  • JITCO authorized legal protection information lecturer
  • Real estate broker
  • Second-class architect
  • HSK sixth-grade (my goal)



  • Reading: Omnivorous reader, one day one book
  • Postcard: Using the stamp which I collected in old days and I write them every day.
  • Fountain pen: I collected from 30years ago. I love pilot made in japan, and pelicans made in abroad.
  • Travel: A member of youth hostel for 30 years, I departed for pilgrimage to the 88 sacred places of Shikoku,in Aug. 2004. I like domestic travel. About foreign countries I have been to China, America and Vietnam. Then I endeavor to walk 10,000steps every day.

Matter of concern

  • Food:Non-drinker,sweets tooth and like spicy food, love carbohydrate.
  • Local community: belong a firefighting party from Apr. 2008
  • Blood donation: I achieved 157 times to date in Jan. 2016 from school- days.


Office Information

Address 2-12-29-201Higashisakura, Higashi-ku, Nagoya 4610005
TEL 052-931-6228
FAX 052-931-6229
Mobile 080-5157-0158
Email [toentity text=””]
Reception time 9:00~20:00

One block from south from Consulate-general of Republic of China in Nagoya.
6minutes walk from Takaoka Station on the Nagoya-city Subway Sakura-dori Line.

Seminar Room (I use it when I hold a seminar)

1-44-17-302Nagono, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya, Aichi
2minutes walk from Kokusai Center Station